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Zhennan Huan


Ms. Zhennan Huan, a former journalist and now the director of the education product department, is one of the founders of Netease Open Course who joined Netease in 2009. She undertakes the general operation work of three educational products, namely the Netease Open Course, Cloud Classroom, and China University MOOC.

Ms. Huan has 5 years working experience in the online education field. In recent 4 years, under her leadership, Netease Open Course has grown into the most popular and significant free online learning platform in Chinese-Speaking Society, which has benefited more than 20 million users.


Project of Zhennan Huan

Created in 2010, NetEase Online Open Course is an online learning platform offering free learning resources. Learners can get access to a wide range of content in the fields of Humanities, Education, Arts, Technology, Health, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Social Science, and many others. The classes come from universities and organizations such as Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Khan Academy, BBC, TED, Coursera, etc. The award­-winning initiative has grown into the biggest and most popular Chinese online open course platform. More than 50,000 lectures have been launched and 30,000 of them have Chinese subtitles. NOC has 47 million unique visitors annually. In 2016, NetEase Online Open Courses was recognized as an Outstanding Site by the Open Education Consortium.