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Thierry Debarnot


Thierry is a pioneer in digital education. Ten years ago, whilst still a student, he created a community based website for business students. The principle was simple; free content sharing (notes, presentations, dissertations), allowing access to education for everyone. The monetisation came from schools and universities that pay to be able to present the qualifications that they offer to young people in the hope of attracting them to their institution. The project was a success leading to the concept being adapted also for students and pupils at different levels of the education system.

In 2011, Thierry was already aware that young people would predominantly be using smartphones to access educational content. This led to a professional merger with Anthony Kuntz, who had developed his own mobile business, and ultimately the creation of digiSchool.

The objective is clear; foresee and pre-empt new educational uses and practices in order to generate a large and appropriate audience with education at the heart. They began with mobile phones in 2011 developing the first revision applications for the baccalauréat (16-18), Brevet (14-16), language tests, the driving theory test etc…

Today, digiSchool is the leader in digital education in France with 8 million users per month, 4,500 new members per day, a personnel of 60 people and 120 teachers. Recently, the SnapSchool application was voted the most innovative application in 2015 by Apple.

The goal of Thierry and Anthony is to become the leader in digital education in Europe and they are well on their way, having recently secured a 14-million-euro investment in the company and at the same time launching digiSchool in England and Spain.


Project of Thierry Debarnot

DigiSchool offers various learning tools for each educational stage from primary school through to higher education, with the majority of users aged between 15 and 25. DigiSchool was one of the first e­-learning platforms to anticipate the eventual dominance of mobile learning in education for younger generations, and seamlessly made the transition to mobile early in its creation. With more than 15 educational services, on web and mobile, digiSchool is a pioneer in the French e­-learning world. It now counts over 8 million visitors per month, over 6.5 million members and 3500 new subscribers a day.

The business model is mainly based on the advertising revenues from educational actors such as high-­schools or universities, thanks to an unique offer that combines influence and affinity.