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Filippo Yacob


Filippo is a designer and entrepreneur, now following a dream inspired by the birth of his son: making child-centred technologies and educational toys for early years that unlock their full potential. Filippo has worked in technology and startups for the past 10 years, pursuing ideas that ranged from the successful, to what he describes as the outright ridiculous, but nevertheless formative and worthwhile. After founding a magazine and a small chain of London co-working spaces, Filippo teamed up with close friend and co-founder Matteo Loglio to create Primo Toys. What started out as a personal project driven by impending fatherhood, has now turned into a multimillion dollar business and a billion dollar market opportunity.


Project of Filippo Yacob

Founded in 2013, the Primo team created the first­ever tangible coding language specifically designed to allow girls and boys to program in pre­-literate years. The funds raised on Crowdcube went towards scaling the first Primo product, the Cubetto Playset, which is a playful wooden robot designed to help young children discover programming.

« Programming is a new literacy, and should therefore be prioritised from an early age, » said the team to Dezeen magazine. « We think that children should be introduced to programming when they start learning how to read and write. »

The Montessori-­approved game has now been sold in over 45 countries, is used by more than 800 schools, nurseries and thousands of children worldwide to help them develop computational thinking through tangible, visible and collaborative play.