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Eric Yang


Dr. Eric Yang is Chief Executive Officer of iTutorGroup. Since co-founding iTutorGroup in 2004, he has had overall responsibility for setting the strategic direction of the company. With over 15 years in the education business, Eric has provided the vision and drive that have seen iTutorGroup become the world’s largest online English-language education platform based on the number of live sessions.

Eric has always been passionate about education and information technology. As a pioneer in online learning, he is dedicated to redefine education through iTutorGroup’s innovative, technology-based, learner-centric, interactive platform. His endeavours has been consistently recognized by the industry. Under his leadership, iTutorGroup has won various accolades in technology, innovation, and education.

The CEO has spent almost two decades at the intersection of the education and technology sectors both in Asia and the US. Prior to iTutorGroup, he established and built a number of successful entrepreneurial ventures, including an internet venture and an education institution, in the 1990s. Earlier in his career, Eric had taught and undertaken research at the University of Tokyo in Japan.

Dr. Eric Yang received a Ph.D. in Chemistry from UCLA, where he also won awards for the quality of his teaching.



Project of Eric Yang

iTutorGroup is an online education platform and the largest English­-language learning institution in the world, serving students that range from global business professionals to young children. Founded in 2004, iTutorGroup has educated students in 60 countries and hosted more than 5 million classroom sessions through its four award­-winning service product businesses, including VIPABC, TutorABC, vipabcJr, TutorABCJr and TutorMing. The iTutorGroup platform hosts more than 10,000 hours of course content, all designed by teachers and rated by real students. The content is available for learning use at any time. It is constantly checked and updated for accuracy.

To­-date, it has more than 4,500 tutors worldwide and more than 10 million live classes served annually. With continued investment in technology and innovation, iTutorGroup has built the next evolution in online education, including TutorGlass® and Expert On Demand®.The average student learns on iTutorGroup’s platform for three years, with more than 95% in recurring rate month­-over-­month.