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Diana Al-Dajani


Diana Al-Dajani is the founder and CEO of eduTechnoz, an online educational games portal designed to inspire children to fall in love with Arabic. She obtained her Bachelor degree in Applied Science and Engineering (Computer Engineering / Software Development) from the University of Toronto. She is now working on her MBA at Manchester University, UK.

Diana has over ten years’ experience in online and B2B business development. As a Mowgli mentee, she realized the importance of mentoring and became involved as a mentor with the Enterprise Challenge (Bedaya Center & Shell), Roudah Center, INJAZ-Qatar, and the Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) Accelerator. She has won multiple awards, and was invited to the WISE Accelerator projects workshops (WISE 2014) and to speak on a WISE panel at the EdTech Europe conference (June 2015) and on Erada (Qatar University Entrepreneurship Program).


Project of Diana Al-Dajani

Edutechnoz is an online portal that has fun educational content: games, books and worksheets. Parents and teachers can monitor a student’s progress and receive real-­time emails whenever he or she is facing a challenge. Games are indexed according to local curricula so that parents and teachers only need to look for the specific skill from the curriculum to locate all relevant content.

In short, the platform makes teaching and learning Arabic (along with Arabic homework) fun and effective. Kids can master the skills from home so that they do not fall behind in school. Parents, teachers and the school can finally have real­-time visibility on student progress and better identify needed training for teachers, parents and/or students.

The project serves over 50,000 users all over the world. Schools using the platform are located in Qatar and Australia; individual users come from various countries, including Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Canada, USA, Lebanon, Egypt, China, Germany, and others. The project has received five awards and generous press coverage.