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Asia Kamukama

Maendeleo Foundation

Asia Kamukama is a Development Economist by profession and is very passionate about empowering communities with basic literacy, knowledge and skills. She is committed to improving the quality of education in Africa through designing sustainable and innovative skills development programs.

Asia has been actively promoting basic literacy and the use of ICT for Development in Ugandan schools and communities for nine years.

As Co-Founder and Executive Director of Maendeleo Foundation Uganda, she has been actively involved in building the organization’s structure and designing innovative and relevant programs and projects. She has been a key person behind award-winning projects such as The Mobile Solar Computer Classroom and Connect Uganda project which aim at stimulating communities to take advantage of the educational and economic opportunities presented by computer literacy and information sharing.

She has shared her passion for technology and innovation at international conferences and continues to deliver workshops for community change agents such as teachers, librarians, and community leaders.

Maendeleo Foundation

Project of Asia Kamukama

Maendeleo Foundation began in 2007, to provide computer access to low income schools and communities in East Africa. The Foundation is committed to helping build a productive computer services industry in East Africa, connecting people and information using the latest Internet technologies, and thereby increasing personal incomes and boosting the local economy. In doing so, part of its aim is to set an example for other NGOs, businesses and government organizations to join in and help grow this industry.

Maendeleo Foundation’s mission is to complement the existing education system by making computers available to people of all ages, providing customized training, and encouraging and supporting the formation of Information Communication Technology businesses. The Foundation operates innovative training programs in a network of schools, libraries and communities across Uganda. It also cooperates with organizations of similar interests that share the same commitment to the promotion of technology for development.