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Ahmed El Alfi


Ahmed El Alfi is the founder of Sawari Ventures a Cairo based venture capital firm. Established in 2010, the goal of Sawari is to help transform Egyptian and MENA region economies through the creation of high impact businesses. In 2011, Sawari created Flat6Labs, its own startup accelerator. Flat6Labs immerses startup entrepreneurs into real-world challenges of creating and managing sustainable enterprises. Supported by a dedicated staff and mentors, over the past 3 years it has launched 46 companies in Egypt, 26 companies in Saudi, 14 companies in Abu Dhabi and will soon be opening Flat6Labs in Beirut, Manama and Tunis.

In 2013 Mr. El Alfi established TATP which took over a large part of the American University Cairo downtown campus to form the GrEEK Campus, a 25,000 square meter office park near Tahrir Square where over 100 startups now work and collaborate; and which was the home of RiseUpSummit. He also founded Nafham the top online video educational platform covering the Egyptian, Saudi and Syrian public school curriculums, Nafham currently gives over 110,000 free video lessons per day, and recently won the WISE awards in Doha as one of the most innovative education companies.

Mr. El Alfi has extensive experience in creating and nurturing early stage companies. He has been a member of the board of directors or on the advisory board of Waqf Endowment, Polytechnic School Pasadena, Claremont Graduate School of Religion, AUC School of Business, as well as several non-profit and for profit corporate boards. He is also an avid collector of Islamic coins.


Project of Ahmed El Alfi

Nafham facilitates free, convenient and accessible educational content online based on a crowdsourcing model. One of the benefits of this method is to engage students in the process of creating the lessons while making an effort to explain topics to their peers in order to help them understand their lesson better. Additionally, Nafham encourages crowd-teaching via a gamification system and also by holding competitions. Content is accessible anytime from the website and anywhere from the mobile apps with more than 23,000 videos which cover the curricula of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Algeria, and Kuwait. To ensure the quality of the materials catered online, professional teachers review the online content regularly. Around 450,000 unique visitors are recorded monthly.