The Makers and Shakers of Education Technology Index is the first comprehensive global listing of thought leaders in the edtech sector. Through this Index, EdTechXGlobal and WISE seek to celebrate innovation in education and showcase the creative use of technology to improve teaching and learning.

A joint initiative of EdTechXGlobal and the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), an initiative of Qatar Foundation, this international Index recognizes 50 EdTech innovators from around the world. The Index honors luminaries who, through digital and physical technologies, have introduced innovative ways of learning through play, construction and interactive design.

The “Makers” are defined, as rising stars of education technology, innovating and pushing boundaries for future success, and “Shakers”, are established leaders in their region, inspiring worldwide EdTech change.


Selection Process

Individuals featured in the Makers and Shakers of Education Technology Index have been selected following an assessment by an Evaluation Committee. This committee is comprised of 15 global industry leaders from diverse sectors within the international education community.


Evaluation Commitee

EdTechXGlobal and WISE curated a list of 100 individuals that was assessed by the Evaluation Committee. The role of the Evaluation Committee was to score each proposed name based on the following criteria:

– Individual vision: The individual demonstrates a powerful and unique vision for the role of technology in education.

– Disruptive innovation: The initiative(s) launched by the individual is a creative and disruptive solution to an education challenge, showing innovation in its use of technology, design, methodology and/or practice. The actor is offering new ways of learning and distinguishes himself/herself from other actors in similar fields.

– Impact and contribution to education: The impact of the individual in the field of edtech has been recognized and documented as having a positive impact on its beneficiaries and society at large.